Free Range Farm Gate Eggs

For our chickens: We feed no wheat, no soy, and no GMOs, all corn is certified organic, field peas is our source of protein, and barley and oats round out the grain portion of their diet. Depending on the season we supplement their feed with ingredients like kelp and flax oil.

We have as many as 14 rare breeds of laying hens running around our farm. They are let out to roam at about noon each day and left to pasture, forage and bathe pretty well anywhere they want. If we need an area “chicken free” we have to fence them out rather than fencing the birds into one area.

Our customers rely on the health of our chickens, the taste and goodness of the eggs. Because of the rare and varied breeds of chickens on the farm, we have brown, blue, green, white, beige, speckled, and sometimes even purple eggs. We encourage our hens to hatch their own chicks. Every year a mom usually emerges from one of the barns with some young.